About Me

It all started when I was a teenager in the mid 70s. When people where walking around in stripy tank tops, bell bottoms and enormous platforms, I saw a woman who had stepped out of 1960. “Wow, what is that lady wearing?”, I thought. I loved it….a twin set, pencil skirt, pointy stilettos, Kelly bag, and all the accessories that a woman would wear in 1960. She didn’t care that she dressed from another time. She loved what she loved, and it left an impression on me. So my passion for fashion of the late 1950s and early 1960s started then. Over the years I have always had some involvement with period costume. I have an extensive collection of original shoes, bags and designer dresses from the 50s. None of the dresses are very comfortable, and I can hardly fit into them, as they were made from the fabrics used in their time. I simply wanted to own them.

My husband and I own two classic cars, a 1957 Ford T-Bird and a 1965 Mercedes Coupe. We take them to many different events, and they always pull admiring glances. One event we love to take them to is the Goodwood Revival, where everyone dresses up in period clothing, and I can spend three days living in the era that I just missed out on.